Know how

How are the various models of artificial lawns different?

Besides the height of the turf e the obvious aesthetic differences, the main elements which distinguish the various types of artificial turf are the thickness and the density of the blades of grass which each one is made of.

Are there any types of artificial turf that are fire repellent certified?

Fire-repellent means that the material doesn’t burn. As synthetic grass is made of plastic, this is impossible. Our lawns, however, are made of self-extinguishing blades of grass and comply with all applicable regulations (certificates are available). As an example, if a cigarette is put out on the lawn, the damage is next to nothing and is barely noticeable.

Can the sun, use or water from the swimming pool damage the lawn?

All of our lawns have been U.V. treated and are guaranteed not to change colour markedly over time. Sun and normal foot traffic will not cause damage and nor will chance contact with water from the swimming pool. Obviously if water containing chlorine is constantly present in the same areas the colour could change.

Do synthetic lawns favour insect colonisation?

No, they do exactly the opposite. Insects such as ants don’t find favourable conditions in synthetic lawns and you will notice a dramatic drop in insect numbers.

Can pets damage synthetic lawns?

No, our lawns are resistant to animal excrement and as the grass is non-toxic, it won’t harm pets in the case of ingestion.

How can I clean a synthetic lawn?

All that you need is a broom for surface cleaning. For deeper cleaning, you can use a jet of water and a cleanser.